Project Details

This residential project added a second floor to an existing 1920’s era home in the historic Burbank Gardens neighborhood of Santa Rosa. The original 2-bedroom, 1-bath home was less than 1,100 sf. The program called for a new bedroom and bathroom so that the owner’s mother could move in. Given the size of the lot, the only way to do this and preserve any backyard space was to go up. As the project was located in an historic district, the project design had to be approved by the City of Santa Rosa Cultural Heritage Board. Although several board members were originally against a second-story addition, the project was approved.

The existing foundation was not adequate to support the second story, so the entire foundation was replaced. Other structural improvements were made to the existing building, including repair of dry rot and termite damage, and replacement of the unreinforced masonry chimney. Electrical and plumbing upgrades were also made.
Phase 2 of the project demolished the existing garage and replaced it with a new garage which is able to accommodate a car as well as added storage in an attic space.

Project Status: Completed May 2012

Mill Street Addition

This residential remodel added approximately 200 sf to a 1920’s era home in the historic Burbank Gardens neighborhood of Santa Rosa. The addition enlarged the master bedroom and bathroom, added a dining room and included a new deck overlooking the back yard. The project required a Minor Landmark Alteration permit from the City of Santa Rosa. The owner was interested in keeping the deck private from the nearby adjacent residences which resulted in the form seen in the photos. The remodel was completed by Brenton Builders.

Project Status: Completed October 2013

Henry House

This project was a remodel of an existing single-family home that had previously been used to house people with AIDS. Fritz Architecture-Urbanism provided design work, construction documents and construction administration services. The remodel included all new finishes and complete remodels of two bathrooms. The project is HUD funded and is occupied by people with chronic mental illness. Supportive services are provided by Buckelew Programs.

Project Status: Completed 2013

Client: Community Housing Sonoma County

Parquet Remodel

This project began as a discussion about ways to make the primary facade of an existing 70 year old house more cohesive. The small house sits at the rear of a deep site in an older neighborhood. The approach to the house allows for some time contemplating the elevation which was quite muddled. The existing windows were all of different sizes and styles and didn’t relate well to each other or the interior spaces. The north side of the house has a large deck through which the house is entered. Much of the deck was covered in a flat roof which resulted in a dark and not particularly inviting space. In addition there was much water damage due to poorly designed drainage.

While discussing ideas for improving the facade and entry of the home the owner decided to pursue an addition she had been contemplating. So the project grew to include a master bathroom and studio/study on the south side of the house and a redesign of the roof over the deck to fit more with the style of the original home with open trusses to allow more light into the house and provide a more open feel to the deck.

A bay window was added to the dining room to provide more space, and add interest to a wide front facade. The front wall of the studio addition sits in front of the existing house to provide an additional plane and define the outside space more. The front yard has been re-landscaped including a new patio off the study.

Other improvements to the home include a large closet for the master bedroom that previously had none and a new laundry room (the existing laundry room was in the basement and had to be accessed by going outside).

Project Status: Completed 2014

Photography by Ramsay Photography

Redwood Residence

This is a new home on a 2.5 acre site to replace an existing home not worth saving. The site slopes down to the northwest and has a seasonal creek running through the property. Native oak trees are located throughout the property, particularly on the downslope.

The home is sited at the upper end of the site which is the flattest portion of the property. The L-shaped home has a porch along both walls facing the entry to the site. The entrance is at the inside corner of the ‘L’. Upon entering, the primary living spaces are evident to the left and accessed via several steps down. The living, dining and kitchen are in one open space and adjacent to a large outdoor deck. The hallway to the bedrooms runs along the west wall adjacent to the porch which allows for many windows and a bright space. Stairs at the entry take you to a second floor yoga studio with views into the tree canopy. The primary floor also contains a sauna and outdoor tub on a small rear deck.

The exterior materials include redwood and corrugated Cor-Ten steel panels. The Cor-Ten panels form a protective layer of rust as they oxidize. These panels were used on the roof and lower portion of the walls. The redwood used in the project came from old growth logs that were salvaged from Northern California rivers by the owner’s father. All the exterior columns, beams, railings and siding were milled on-site from the redwood. The project was built by Maganda Construction.

Project Status: Completed July 2016

Photography by Ramsay Photography

Sebastopol Home Office

This project converted an existing 2-car garage to a new home office. The existing house was an early 20th century craftsman home near downtown Sebastopol. The garage was a later addition and had nothing to do architecturally with the original house. The owners wanted the office to match the architecture of the existing home so all the materials and details were taken from the original structure. The office is essentially a 2-story volume with a mezzanine at one end. The client is an antique book dealer and needed to incorporate an existing bookcase into the new structure. The office is connected to the home through an open breezeway. The project was built by Ron Vann Construction.

Project Status: Completed March 2016

Danville Remodel and Addition

This project included remodeling and adding on to a 1950’s era home in downtown Danville. The addition consists of a guest bedroom and bath suite and an outdoor room opening out to the large rear yard. The original house was broken up into small, oddly shaped spaces with a separate living and family room. In the new design the family room became the location for the new kitchen and the wall separating the family room and living room was removed. This created an open living/dining/kitchen space and has improved the circulation of the house.

In Phase 2, the master bedroom and bathroom are being remodeled and updated, and the garage is being moved forward to accommodate a new den. A front porch and new gable roofs are being added as well.

Project Status: Phase 1 Completed 2012; Phase 2 Completed March 2020

Bodega Avenue/High Street Addition

This project adds a second floor apartment to an existing single-story office building. The streamline moderne original structure was built in the 1940’s by 5 doctors and included a suite for each. The building steps down the hillside and contains little ornamentation. The existing structure is cast-in-place concrete with a smooth cement plaster finish. Interior walls are also cast-in-place concrete. The addition picks up on details and massing of the original but uses contemporary details and materials like cedar siding and steel. The original building had a tower on the north side that was illuminated internally. The tower had been removed in the intervening years but the addition plans to bring it back. Existing windows will be replaced along with new mechanical systems in the existing building. The second floor apartment has several exterior decks including a roof deck and large deck outside the living/dining/kitchen area which is located at the high point of the site and provides great views over downtown Sebastopol to the hills east of Santa Rosa.

Project Status: Schematic Design

Polk Street ADU

This accessory dwelling unit occupies an oversized front yard, creating a more consistent streetscape in the historic Railroad Square neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Melding modern and historic features, this new, 2-story home contains one bedroom, one and half bathrooms, an office, and a workshop space in nearly 1700 square feet.

Project Status: Completed November 2019

Bennett Ridge Residence

The original house on this rural woodland property was burned to the ground in the Wine Country fires of October 2017. A new 3-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath home was designed to replace the original home. The front porch leads to a large Great Room which opens up to beautiful views to the southeast. This central gathering space includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, and it divides the private bedroom spaces, with the Master Suite located on one side and the other two bedrooms to the north. Ron Vann Construction began to build the project in early 2019, completing it in Winter of 2020.

Project Status: Completed February 2020

West End ADU

This accessory dwelling unit in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square, is situated in the rear portion of a corner lot, affording it convenient street access. The 616 square foot unit occupies the second story of the new building, above an equally sized garage, workshop and laundry space on the ground floor. The entrance and windows are placed to optimize privacy between this unit and the main house on the property. A covered balcony extends across the entire front of the 1-bedroom unit, extending the living space by 6 feet. The interior is a modern, open floor plan, while the exterior borrows from historical themes in the neighborhood, such as hip roofs and placement of the main floor above a utility level.

Project Status: Completed Summer 2021

Graton Renovation

This charming California Bungalow, built in 1930, was getting tight for the young family living there. Instead of moving from the 900 SF, 2-bedroom, 1-bath home, the owners decided to add square footage, enlarging the kitchen, converting the second bedroom into a Master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet, and adding a mud/laundry room. The addition borrows exterior details from the original construction, while creating a more modern, spacious, and functional interior in a 1,272 SF home.

Project Status: Completed November 2022

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Ian Hoff Design
Energy Consultant: Delta T Energy
Contractor: Brenton Builders

Barlow Farmhouse

This charming, uniquely constructed farmhouse captured the imagination of its new owners, but required extensive upgrades to its construction, as well substantial redesign. Originally completed in 1913, the house was built without studs, and instead relied on horizontal planks with plaster interior and wood exterior siding. The one-bedroom, one-bath home had fallen into disrepair over the years, with sagging porches, a leaky roof, mold and insect issues, and a settling foundation.

In addition to remodeling the existing downstairs, the design involved transforming the attic into livable space and adding a room with a large deck to the south. The first floor now contains a kitchen, laundry room, dining room, sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, and office, while the second floor has a primary suite and and a third bedroom. A new foundation was poured, new 2×6 stud walls were added to the existing walls at remodeled portions of the structure, and the roof framing was replaced where required. New 2×6 walls and new floor and roof framing were added at the addition and where the previous structure could not be salvaged. A new standing seam metal roof was installed throughout. Aside from the roof and sitting room addition, the new materials at the remodel were selected to honor the original design to the extent possible.

Project Status: Completed March 2023

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Structural Design Group
Energy Consultant: Delta T Energy
General Contractor: Ron Vann Construction

Maple Remodel

This 1940s era home underwent a significant remodel to re-organize the home to improve circulation and add a home office. The backyard of the existing 3-bedroom home was only able to be accessed through two of the bedrooms. The most significant change was to convert the middle bedroom to a dining room, open to the kitchen, which allows direct access, and view, to the backyard from the kitchen located at the front of the house. A small half bath was expanded into a full bathroom to serve the two smaller bedrooms the had previously been the large master. The remaining original bedroom is now the master bedroom and the original bathroom has been converted into a master bathroom. The home office was added to the rear of the home and helps to frame a new deck, which is accessed from the dining room. All the existing single-glazed aluminum windows were replaced. Additional insulation and a new heating system were also added. A full kitchen remodel will be completed in the future.

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Ian Hoff Design
Energy Consultant: Delta T Energy
Contractor: Maganda Natural Construction

Daywalt Addition

A primary bedroom suite, laundry room, garage, and workshop were added to this modest, rural dwelling. Both the front porch and back deck were also replaced and expanded. Goals included improving flow within the space and to the back yard, creating a larger and more private primary suite, adding storage and utility space, housing vehicles, and establishing an indoor workshop space.

A future phase will include a remodel of the existing kitchen, providing better connection to the living room and more direct access to the new deck and rear yard.

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Structural Design Group
Energy Consultant: Delta T Energy
Contractor: Ron Vann Construction

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