Project Details

This residential project added a second floor to an existing 1920’s era home in the historic Burbank Gardens neighborhood of Santa Rosa. The original 2-bedroom, 1-bath home was less than 1,100 sf. The program called for a new bedroom and bathroom so that the owner’s mother could move in. Given the size of the lot, the only way to do this and preserve any backyard space was to go up. As the project was located in an historic district, the project design had to be approved by the City of Santa Rosa Cultural Heritage Board. Although several board members were originally against a second-story addition, the project was approved.

The existing foundation was not adequate to support the second story, so the entire foundation was replaced. Other structural improvements were made to the existing building, including repair of dry rot and termite damage, and replacement of the unreinforced masonry chimney. Electrical and plumbing upgrades were also made.
Phase 2 of the project demolished the existing garage and replaced it with a new garage which is able to accommodate a car as well as added storage in an attic space.

Project Status: Completed May 2012