Parquet Remodel

This project began as a discussion about ways to make the primary facade of an existing 70 year old house more cohesive. The small house sits at the rear of a deep site in an older neighborhood. The approach to the house allows for some time contemplating the elevation which was quite muddled. The existing windows were all of different sizes and styles and didn’t relate well to each other or the interior spaces. The north side of the house has a large deck through which the house is entered. Much of the deck was covered in a flat roof which resulted in a dark and not particularly inviting space. In addition there was much water damage due to poorly designed drainage.

While discussing ideas for improving the facade and entry of the home the owner decided to pursue an addition she had been contemplating. So the project grew to include a master bathroom and studio/study on the south side of the house and a redesign of the roof over the deck to fit more with the style of the original home with open trusses to allow more light into the house and provide a more open feel to the deck.

A bay window was added to the dining room to provide more space, and add interest to a wide front facade. The front wall of the studio addition sits in front of the existing house to provide an additional plane and define the outside space more. The front yard has been re-landscaped including a new patio off the study.

Other improvements to the home include a large closet for the master bedroom that previously had none and a new laundry room (the existing laundry room was in the basement and had to be accessed by going outside).

Project Status: Completed 2014

Photography by Ramsay Photography