Maple Remodel

This 1940s era home underwent a significant remodel to re-organize the home to improve circulation and add a home office. The backyard of the existing 3-bedroom home was only able to be accessed through two of the bedrooms. The most significant change was to convert the middle bedroom to a dining room, open to the kitchen, which allows direct access, and view, to the backyard from the kitchen located at the front of the house. A small half bath was expanded into a full bathroom to serve the two smaller bedrooms the had previously been the large master. The remaining original bedroom is now the master bedroom and the original bathroom has been converted into a master bathroom. The home office was added to the rear of the home and helps to frame a new deck, which is accessed from the dining room. All the existing single-glazed aluminum windows were replaced. Additional insulation and a new heating system were also added. A full kitchen remodel will be completed in the future.

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Ian Hoff Design
Energy Consultant: Delta T Energy
Contractor: Maganda Natural Construction