Barlow Farmhouse

This charming, uniquely constructed farmhouse captured the imagination of its new owners, but required extensive upgrades to its construction, as well substantial redesign. Originally completed in 1913, the house was built without studs, and instead relied on horizontal planks with plaster interior and wood exterior siding. The one-bedroom, one-bath home had fallen into disrepair over the years, with sagging porches, a leaky roof, mold and insect issues, and a settling foundation.

In addition to remodeling the existing downstairs, the design involved transforming the attic into livable space and adding a room with a large deck to the south. The first floor now contains a kitchen, laundry room, dining room, sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, and office, while the second floor has a primary suite and and a third bedroom. A new foundation was poured, new 2×6 stud walls were added to the existing walls at remodeled portions of the structure, and the roof framing was replaced where required. New 2×6 walls and new floor and roof framing were added at the addition and where the previous structure could not be salvaged. A new standing seam metal roof was installed throughout. Aside from the roof and sitting room addition, the new materials at the remodel were selected to honor the original design to the extent possible.

Project Status: Completed March 2023

Project Team
Structural Engineer: Structural Design Group
Energy Consultant: Delta T Energy
General Contractor: Ron Vann Construction